Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's cold outside.

I live in the frigid north, also called Minnesota. Southern Minnesota specifically. Today we had a wind chill advisory of up to -30 deg. Why am I telling you this? Because this means that we were freakishly slow at work today. Thursdays are our senior citizen discount day, where if you are 62 or older you receive 5% off on your whole order. i arrived at work at 4PM and it was about regular speed as far as customer quantity etc. After our regular dinner rush(which was small) it became completely dead. We had maybe 20 people in all evening. This allowed us to clean. Gasp! The teenage boys I work with actually had to pick up some paper towels and cleaner and was things. Being teenage boys they will do anything to get out of cleaning duty.

In other business we have a customer who orders an adult supplemental shake by the case. Our health and beauty department manager left after telling me what I needed to do. Of course this person had to try to get a discount off of the shelf price because she bout it by the case. I had to explain that I was told to charge her shelf price and that if she'd like she could come back and speak to the manager in the morning but she just asked me to have her call her. The chances of that phone call being placed is about next to nothing.

thanks for reading the ramblings. Good Night!

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  1. Wind chill advisory of up to -30 deg? That's crazy cold! Yet you still went to work! I admire your dedication!