Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We have roof access?!

So as I said yesterday the exhaust hood cleaners were coming today. surprisingly they were on time and caused almost no trouble. Our lockup situation was solved by the time I got there. The only problem that we had was solved easily by opening a door.

This door, when you open it, before you turn the light on, looks like an eerie little closet full of noise. When you turn it on there is a room about 12 ft. by 12 ft. with all of the compressors for the coolers and freezers. As well as a surprise! A staircase to no where. It turns out that the stairs lead to our roof access hatch.

In other grocery news I got to work with the new kid today. He's 15 years old however hasn't quite hit his growth spurt yet and looks like he's about 12. By next week he'll probably be taller than me. He is however excellent at his job for only having been there for a week. he is actually better at his job than some of his coworkers who have been there for several months.

Not much of interest happened other than the regular juvenile jokes and horseplay that happens when we're not busy. Perhaps tomorrow I'll start telling you about my coworkers considering I have the day off.

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